Benefits of a Wellness Committee

Are you interested in starting a wellness program at your organization but feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that is required? Don’t fret – you can succeed with the help of a Wellness Committee in your organization. A Wellness Committee is composed of selected members of an organization who plan, implement, and evaluate an organization’s wellness program. It’s important that a Wellness Committee represent all stakeholder groups in your organization. A Committee that is diverse in regards to department, field, shift, gender, ethnicity, age, and health status can represent many more opinions and will be greater in their engagement and ultimately your success.

There are numerous benefits of having a Wellness Committee. The first of these is ensuring sustainability of the worksite wellness program. If only one or two people are involved with the wellness efforts in an organization and they leave the organization, then the wellness program unfortunately, leaves with them. If multiple people are invested in the operations of your wellness program, the wellness program can keep up momentum and continue to flourish even if one member of the Wellness Committee leaves the organization.

A Wellness Committee is also beneficial because there are more people to carry out the tasks required to maintain a successful wellness program. We are all busy with multiple job demands, so being able to divide wellness program tasks among a group of people makes it more manageable. Additionally, a Wellness Committee can generate better ideas with more people to share their thoughts and opinions. Regular communication is crucial to the success of a wellness program, and a Wellness Committee can help get messages out to all employees in a timely manner.

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