Working on Wellness History

From 2015-2017, Massachusetts Working on Wellness had 156 participating employers. Through the program, employers received seed funding, training and technical assistance to help them develop and launch a wellness program at their worksite. As participants, these organizations developed comprehensive worksite wellness programs that impacted over 70,000 employees. Of the employees served, 21% were lower-wage workers and half of the organizations were small businesses, employing 200 or fewer people. Through Working on Wellness, these organizations implemented sustainable programs and policies that promoted healthy eating, increased physical activity, reduced stress, improved ergonomics and lead to other health benefits. 

In 2018, Working on Wellness was revamped to a self-directed online training program.  This free training is now available to all employers in MA and provides guidance on how to develop and implement evidence-based worksite wellness initiatives, such as a diabetes prevention program, flexible work schedules for physical activity, and community gardens created and maintained in partnership with local organizations. 

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To learn more about the 2015-2017 Working on Wellness program and to see evaluation results, please click on the reports below: