How it Works

Through Working on Wellness you will:

  • Learn how to build a worksite wellness initiative for your organization at your own pace.
  • Create a free account to follow an evidence-based online curriculum.
  • Gain access to exclusive worksite wellness tools.
  • Receive a certificate when you complete the course.
  • Ensure that your employees are part of a sustainable worksite wellness initiative.

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Below you can learn about each step in the Working on Wellness Program Development Cycle.


Buy In

Support and buy in from all levels of the organization, including senior leaders, managers and employees, is essential for a successful worksite wellness initiative. Wellness initiatives have more impact when they have widespread buy in.

Working on Wellness provides training and tools to secure organizational commitment.

Through Working on Wellness, organizations gain the skills to:

  1. Secure and maintain leadership support
  2. Establish program infrastructure and budget 


An assessment helps organizations identify where to focus their worksite wellness initiative. The data collected identifies existing policies, programs, resources, as well as opportunities for improvement. An organization uses this information to develop their Worksite Wellness Action Plan.

Working on Wellness provides participants with tools and resources to assess the wellness interests of employees, understand the most prevalent health issues in Massachusetts, and assess the health environment and culture of your workplace.

Organizations gain the skills to:

  1. Assess employee wellness interests
  2. Identify the most prevalent health issues in Massachusetts
  3. Assess the worksite programs, policies, benefits and practices that support employee health, safety and well-being


The planning process is designed to help you take data gathered during the assessment phase to create an initiative that meets your organization’s needs.

Working on Wellness provides a template to help organizations gain the skills to complete a Worksite Wellness Action Plan including:

  1. Goals and objectives
  2. Implementation strategies
  3. Evaluation plan

Community Partnerships

There are often community resources that support employees in staying healthy outside the workplace. Partnerships with local companies, community leaders, and local experts, can offer a variety of expertise and guidance for a worksite wellness initiative.

Working on Wellness provides the training and tools to find local community resources and foster working partnerships.

Organizations gain the skills to:

  1. Identify and link to local community resources and services
  2. Use the Working on Wellness Resource Library and Healthy Workplaces Toolbox


Organizations can create a healthier workplace culture by implementing programs and policies that encourage healthy lifestyles. Workplace wellness activities will vary by organization.

Working on Wellness helps organizations create and carry out programs, change workplace policies, and/or change the physical environment to support positive behaviors.

Organizations gain the skills to:

  1. Address top health issues and employee wellness interests
  2. Create a supportive environment
  3. Build employee participation
  4. Link wellness initiative to existing services


Evaluation ensures that the wellness initiative is effective, successful, and worthwhile for employees and the organization.

Evaluation allows organizations to look at its planned goals and objectives to determine whether they were met and to identify areas for improvement.

Working on Wellness helps organizations create a plan to evaluate their initiative that will help keep their program growing and sustainable.

Organizations gain the skills to:

  1. Plan program evaluation
  2. Measure program impact
  3. Report evaluation results
  4. Define areas of improvement to sustain program