Community Partnerships Benefit More Than Just Your Employees!

Worksites do not exist in isolation, they are rooted in the communities where they are located. Whether a city or rural landscape, businesses provide jobs and services to citizens in their community. When it comes to wellness, often times there are programs and activities that are already happening in the community that worksites can tap into so that employees are accessing local resources. Some examples of community wellness offerings include discounted gym memberships for local employees, farmers’ markets and public walking paths.

Additionally, businesses involved in the Working on Wellness program understand that their community can benefit from wellness initiatives happening in their workplace.

A community partnership is when public and community health officials and business leaders, work together and take advantage of the expertise and resources that can collectively be used to improve population health and wellbeing for the workforce, families, and community.

One example of an organization who has partnered with a local community-based non-profit, is Harbor Health Services Inc. of Dorchester. Their wellness committee determined that in order to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables their staff consumes, they would find a way to bring the fresh fruits and vegetables to their staff. To do this, Harbor Health Services built a partnership with The Fresh Truck, a mobile farmer’s market, which visits their location weekly. Employees receive $5 off a $10 purchase to offset the cost and encourage consumption of produce from the truck. They have seen 390 individuals participate in the first month of this initiative.

In addition to their employees benefiting, Harbor Health Services’ staff have reached out to the shops and businesses next to their location so their employees can benefit from the Fresh Truck’s produce offerings.

If your organization wants to foster a community where health is a priority, look to the Working on Wellness Healthy Workplaces Toolbox for resources. And if you would like to join the movement of Massachusetts’ employers who are already working to create healthier communities, applications for Working on Wellness are open through June 20th