How Worksite Wellness Works for You – Testimonials from Massachusetts Employees

Worksite wellness programs are becoming more common as employers and employees realize that a healthy workplace comes with great benefits. For employers, a healthy workplace can lead to increases in employee productivity and retention, and decreases in absenteeism and healthcare costs. For employees, a worksite wellness program can help reduce their risks of chronic disease conditions and demonstrates their employers’ investment in employee health and wellbeing.

Organizations across the country have begun to share their personal success stories with worksite wellness programs. Family Service Association (FSA), a 275-employee social service agency headquartered in Fall River, MA, has joined the league of organizations sharing their stories. FSA’s worksite wellness program is a comprehensive initiative that has been in place for over 8 years. Their program balances educational and behavior-change activities with worksite policy and environmental changes. Some of their accomplishments include tobacco-free grounds and policies that allow their staff to workout during the work day.

We sat down to speak with two worksite wellness program participants at FSA, Allison Hague and Kristen Sylvia, to get a better understanding of how their comprehensive worksite wellness program affected their workplace and their lives.

How has worksite wellness supported your work?

Why is it important for organizations to invest in worksite wellness?

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