New Year’s Resolution: Enroll in Working on Wellness for You & Your Workforce

It is that time of year when family and friends pledge their New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions range from changing mindsets to changing behaviors. There is something so refreshing about having a full 365 days ahead full of possibilities that bring positive changes into people’s lives.

Of the many people who make a resolution each year, 66% involve a fitness goal. Other notable top resolutions include eating healthier, better managing stress, and quitting or cutting back smoking.1

Changing our behaviors, however, can be difficult – especially if it is a large hurdle, like quitting smoking or cutting out junk food from your diet. Unfortunately, of the many people who start off the new year with a resolution, 33% end up giving up their resolutions by the end of January.1 Goal setting can be far more successful if there was a supportive environment that kept these ambitions alive and on track.

An environment that can support many New Year’s resolutions is your workplace! The workplace is an ideal place to support New Year’s resolutions because adults spend most of their days at work. The workplace environment is flexible enough to enable healthy behaviors like regular physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco cessation, and stress management. By developing worksite wellness programs, organizations can promote a culture of health that allows resolution-focused employees to focus on their wellness. Employers can also benefit from worksite wellness programs through lower insurance and workers compensation costs, increased employee productivity, and decreased employee absenteeism.

Your organization can create a culture of health by joining the Working on Wellness program. Working on Wellness is an exciting opportunity that helps Massachusetts employers successfully develop, implement, and sustain comprehensive worksite wellness policies and programs that enables and facilitates healthy behaviors.

Starting January 4, 2016, Working on Wellness is accepting new applicants to receive seed funding, comprehensive training, and technical assistance to implement comprehensive worksite health initiatives.

If you want a workplace that will keep you and your employees on track to achieving your New Year’s resolutions, consider applying for the program.

To learn more about worksite wellness and the Working on Wellness program requirements attend an upcoming webinar by registering today.




[1] New Year’s Resolutions by the Numbers