The 3 o’clock Munchies

Having breakfast around 7am and a lunch break between 11 and 1pm, the stretch before dinner seems miles away. This is why many workers stash a bag of chips in their locker or have a candy bowl on their desk to make it through to the end of the work day. However, these habits can contribute to poor health outcomes, such as obesity and/or hypertension from high-sodium snacks. 

However, studies show that having a healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit, midday, can lower anxiety, depression and emotional distress.[1] So, how can a workplace support employees who are looking to munch without negatively impacting their health?

  • Vending Machine Swap! Switch out the vending machine options for your distributer’s lower calorie, lower sodium options. Or try a whole new distributor such as LEANBOX, which offers various services such as the LEANBOX Fridge that offers fruits, cheeses, protein drinks and more for all under $5.
  • Snack Bar Stars! If you have a cafeteria or snack cart, star the products that are healthier options such as hummus & pretzel packs, fruit, yogurts, and more.
  • Step Up your Catering Policy! Check what the policy and current vendors your organization has for catering events and meetings where you know people will munch. Be sure to check menus and options to identify how to provide your guests and staff with the healthiest options. Look to the American Cancer Society’s Meeting Well Guidebook for more ideas.

Keep your staff happy and healthy by creating an environment that will encourage them to snack healthier!

[1] Smith AP, Rogers R. Positive Effects of a Healthy Snack (Fruit) Versus an Unhealthy Snack (Chocolate/Crisps) on Subjective Reports of Mental and Physical Health: A Preliminary Intervention Study. Frontiers in Nutrition. 2014