The Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse – A Free Resource for You!

The Mass Health Promotion Clearinghouse maintains over 600 resources in 10 languages that cover a variety of public health topics including chronic disease prevention. Topic areas such as diabetes, wellness, nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse, asthma and other health promotion topics are covered. Materials are available free-of-charge to residents, health care providers, and social service providers in the Commonwealth. Many products are available in multiple formats like flyers or pamphlets, and can be ordered in various languages. These materials are colorful and easy to use.

  1. Five Ways to Use the Clearinghouse Materials: Display Mass in Motion posters throughout your worksite
  2. Distribute Get Smart Tip Sheets at health education seminars
  3. Post “Calories Count” fact sheets in the cafeteria
  4. Use the Healthy Meeting and Event Guide when planning on-site meetings, events or conferences that offer food
  5. Post “Did you wash your hands” posters in the bathroom and around the office

Education and awareness strategies, such as the five listed above, are often components of worksite wellness programs as they provide an opportunity for employees to learn about healthy behaviors. These strategies are a great place to start when trying to influence behaviors since they help increase employee awareness, knowledge, and skills about certain health topics. Worksites can accomplish this by providing employees with brochures, posters, pamphlets or other written information that address the benefits of engaging in healthy behaviors, like hand washing. To have a more effective wellness program, this approach should be combined with other interventions like creating a supportive work environment to enable employees to improve health and well-being.

Don’t wait…take advantage today. Visit the Clearinghouse website for more information.