Healthy Workplace Participatory Program

Link 1: The CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (HWPP) Toolkit is designed specifically to help employer organizations adopt and implement a Total Worker Health (TWH) program approach. The HWPP Toolkit was developed to engage employees in designing integrated solutions that address a wide range of work environment, work organization, safety, and employee health issues.

Link 2: The Stress@Work website is designed to help employers and employee health program planners understand how to reduce workplace stressors. In workplaces where job-related stress is common, this is a vital component of employee health promotion and health protection programs. This website is focused on reducing exposure to stressors in the workplace, not on stress reduction strategies for individual workers.

Health Topic(s)

  • ergonomics
  • injury-prevention
  • obesity
  • prevention
  • safety
  • stress
  • workplace-wellness

Working on Wellness Development Cycle Step(s)

  • buy-in
  • assessment
  • planning
  • implementation