Winter Worksite Wellness

Winter can be a tough time for some to stay active, especially in Massachusetts. The sun seems to only rise during traditional work hours, it can be extremely cold, and holidays are an excuse to not eat the best foods for our minds and bodies. What can your organization do to improve your employees’ health this winter?

Enable your employees to get and stay active! Encourage employees to take a brisk walk and bundle up. Make sure you have enough layers and the cold won’t seem as harsh. Is it still too cold outside? Find a place indoors for your employees to get their blood pumping. Your organization can help employees find local community fitness centers or YMCAs. Local malls are also a great place to walk and for employees to have a change of scenery. Instead of sitting for your organization’s recurring meetings, try implementing a walking meeting. In addition to getting active, you might find your employees are more engaged and productive.

Create a quiet and private space for employees to practice mindfulness by reflecting and focusing on the present moment. The benefits of mindfulness include lowered stress, improved sleep, and it can even reduce the effects of colds.

Running clubs are a great way to encourage others to work towards a common active goal. Who doesn’t want to work for an organization that exemplifies teamwork and camaraderie? Many cities and towns offer winter-themed running events which can be a fun way to socialize outside of the office.

After exercising with your coworkers it’s important to refuel. Don’t put any cheap fuel in your body! There are plenty of farmers markets open in the winter. Can your organization partner with a farmers market to bring healthy foods for purchase at your workplace? Many farmers would welcome the extra business and your employees would benefit from supporting your local community. Sharing recipes using the same foods purchased at a farmers market is a great way to promote connectivity and boost employee morale.

What if your organization accomplished group volunteer projects in the winter? Give back to your community by helping your business neighbors shovel their sidewalks or digging out their cars during the work week. Gather to serve others at a local soup kitchen after work or during the weekend.

Keep your mind active in the winter months by starting a book club. Engage that one quiet employee who might not want to participate in other wellness activities, but who would benefit from inclusion in group discussions.

What are some ways your organization can keep your mind and body active through the cold months?