Worksite Wellness for Small Businesses

Large businesses, non-profits and government organizations have been experiencing the benefits of wellness programs for decades. But only recently have smaller businesses started to initiate worksite wellness programs.

Small businesses often shied away from implementing worksite wellness programs due to limited resources. However, they are realizing that investing in employee wellness can have a positive impact on business and employee health and well-being! Some of those benefits include:

  • Improved productivity. Healthy employees are more productive employees, can enhance customer relationships, and have better social relationships at work.
  • Becoming an employer of choice. Turnover can be costly for any business, but especially so in a smaller business. Wellness programs can help both attract and retain employees.
  • Improve overall employee health. Healthy employees take fewer sick days and have more energy when they are at work.

In a survey by the National Small Business Association, 93% of business owners indicated that they believe the health of their employees is important and positively impacts their bottom line. Join the other small businesses that are improving the health of their business by improving the health and well-being of your employees – start a worksite wellness program today.