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  • Wellness Starts at the Top

    One of the first steps in undertaking a wellness initiative in the workplace is the identification of a Sponsor. The Wellness Sponsor is a member of the executive leadership team. The Wellness Sponsor is the visible figurehead and the voice that communicates the initiative to your organization. Additionally, the Wellness Sponsor promotes and models the

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  • Empowering Employees through Workplace Appreciation and Gratitude

    Do you remember how you felt immediately after being recognized at your job? From a simple “thank you” in passing, to attending the annual office party to celebrate workplace accomplishments, everyone enjoys being appreciated. A 2012 survey of 1,714 adults by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that1:

  • The Heat is On – But Heat Illness is Preventable!

    Summertime… It’s time for fun in the sun, especially after such a brutal winter! But in addition to fun, summer often brings intense heat waves. According to the CDC, on average, extreme heat causes more U.S. deaths than other natural disasters.  Heat safety is clearly important to keep in mind as we enjoy outdoor activities.

  • Does Your Wellness Initiative Reach All Your Employees?

    One big question to think about as you embark on a wellness initiative is “how will I reach and include all of my organization’s employees?” This is important because the number of employees who work away from the office, in remote or home based offices, continues to grow. According to Global Workplace Analytics regular work-at-home

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  • Just 5 Minutes in the Morning for a Smoother Day!

    Perhaps your morning routine goes something like this: Jolt awake with a beeping alarm, brush your teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast, feed the cat, and rush out the door to make your train and get to work on time. This is quite a stressful way to start the day! Your heart is probably beating

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  • Share the Success

    For years I watched a colleague struggle with her attempts to quit tobacco. She would quit for months at a time, then relapse – going back to smoking as much as she was before she quit. Earlier this year, I noticed something about her that seemed different. When I inquired, she said “I finally did

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  • Community Partnerships Benefit More Than Just Your Employees!

    Worksites do not exist in isolation, they are rooted in the communities where they are located. Whether a city or rural landscape, businesses provide jobs and services to citizens in their community. When it comes to wellness, often times there are programs and activities that are already happening in the community that worksites can tap

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  • Promoting Healthy Hydration at Work

    The rising consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks (e.g. soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks) has been a major contributor to the obesity epidemic – two out of three adults are overweight or obese – in the United States1. Despite the increased number of beverage choices, clean water is the best hydration choice.  Water is key

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  • The Role of Workplace Health Promotion in Addressing Job Stress

    Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury. Employees suffering from stressful working conditions can experience increased absenteeism, tardiness, and intentions to quit their jobs – all of which have a negative affect on an employer’s bottom line. The enormous direct and indirect costs associated with job stress suggest that worksite wellness initiatives

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  • Air Quality in the Workplace

    The CDC estimated that in one year alone, asthma caused over 14 million missed days of work in the U.S.1 Did you know that an estimated 11 million workers in various industries and occupations are exposed to risk factors associated with occupational asthma?2 What is occupational asthma? The CDC defines asthma as “a disease that

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  • Let’s Keep Workers Safe: Plan. Provide. Train.

    Today is Workers’ Memorial Day — the international day to remember workers who were injured, disabled, made unwell, or who died on the job. In just a six-year-period, in Massachusetts, 356 workers died on the job (2008-2013). These workers were our family members, friends and neighbors who died just trying to make a living. They

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  • Alcohol and the Workplace

    The occasional Happy Hour with coworkers or celebratory refreshment at a company event are more often than not an acceptable part of workplace culture. However, alcohol abuse among employees, and even their family member, can be a detriment to health and workplace productivity.

  • Putting the Dietary Guidelines to Work for Your Worksite

    You’ve seen the headlines about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, both supportive and critical. It has happened ever since the first Dietary Guidelines were introduced in 1980. Their release every five years brings about vibrant discussion. That’s because they have wide reaching impact. The food and beverage industry, public health agencies, educational institutions and health

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  • The Healthy Workplaces Toolbox- Created to Help You Succeed!

    Whether you are just starting to think about your employee wellness program, or have a well-established program already, the Healthy Workplaces Toolbox was with you in mind! The toolbox is a comprehensive database with over 300 reputable online resources available to help you succeed in reaching your wellness program goals.

  • Celebrate National Public Health Week (April 4-10)

    National Public Health Week (NPHW) begins April 4th and this year’s theme is Healthiest Nation 2030. The goal is to make the United States the healthiest nation in one generation by using cross-sectoral knowledge, resources and expertise to benefit communities across the country. Investing in public health has a demonstrated impact on the bottom line;

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